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Single Page Apps with AngularJS and BreezeJS

I'm finally getting around to learning AngularJS and am absolutely loving it. Having spent a lot of time with Knockout (and a little time looking at Backbone), I really like how Angular apps are structured. It resonates with me. I've also been meaning to take BreezeJS for a spin and I really like it so far. It really simplifies rich data interactions like complex queries and caching. I'll post more specifics about these tools as I get more familiar with them.


As a learning tool, I'm using John Papa's fantastic Pluralsight course Building Apps with Angular and Breeze, wherein he builds out a fully functioning single page app called CodeCamper over the course of 10+ hours. My favourite aspect of his course is how he doesn't skimp on proper code structure. Sure it takes more time, but the refactorings and rationale behind his structure makes this an excellent real-world learning tool. I highly recommend it - and its 5-star rating with over 400 viewers would indicate I'm not the only one.

Thanks John. Really nice work!

Don Smith

Don Smith

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