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prezi == bad vibes

I find I become very critical of companies who I think are charging way too much for their products/services. This morning I'm pretty irritated with Prezi. A service seems like the wrong model - it certainly isn't what I want as a customer. I also think it is wicked expensive ... and all you really get is privacy and some offline capability.

Lastly, to the prezi team, hire a design firm to help you with your videos - yes, they actually LOOK like your engineers produced them. And fix your registration page - the fact I had to type my information twice because I forgot to check a box didn't improve my perception of you.

Yes, the overall concept of what they're doing is nice, it's just hard to appreciate it with so many irritants - and bitching about things isn't something I do often at all. Now I'm off to create my first prezi (with a bad taste in my mouth).

Don Smith

Don Smith

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