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Presentations from Russia

Last week I had the privilege of joining my Russian comrades in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the patterns & practices Summit Russia. Another great example of conference planning at its finest. And the attendees were really engaged. Nice!

My talks were on building single-page web interfaces with modern tools and technologies and applying modularity to your JavaScript. Overall I think they went over pretty well. It was my first time using a web browser instead of PowerPoint. It certainly tool longer to put them together, but it was cool to be able to iframe another page in the slide and run JavaScript in the presentation. You can find them here:

I used the html-slideshow as a starting point and added SyntaxHighlighter and other stuff to meet my needs. I would like to clean up what I have since I definitely cut some corners while rushing to finish them in time, but I need to get project liike off the ground first. Specifically, it would be good to handle the hashchange event so the back button worked as expected and improve the way the run button executes JavaScript. And I should to the proper thing by forking and sending a pull request. It's on the todo list ;)

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