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Orbit Viewer: A Space Apps Project

On April 11-13 I participated in the International Space Apps Challenge sponsored by NASA and AUT. It was a great event and the challenge we picked was Visualize the Astroid Skies. Specifically, the project my team worked on was Orbit Viewer. You can see a 30 second intro video from the project link, but we are basically porting the existing orbit viewer used on NASAs website to modern web technologies (Canvas API). We also presented the project to the rest of the participants in NZ that you can see here.

Since this presentation was recorded I've been in contact with Ron and he seems very open to the idea. I spent a little time working on the project this past weekend and will continue to do so until it's finished. It would be excellent for the JPL to take the code and replace the existing Java applet. Fingers crossed.

Update: STEMN is a community of professional, rocket and citizen scientists that faciltates collaboratively building space-related projects and they have been kind enough to allow the Orbit Viewer project to join their beta. It's the perfect platform to be Orbit Viewer's new home and they've done a fantasic job on the site so far. Thanks @stem_network!

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