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Derek and Shoes


A few days ago I started watching Derek on NetFlix after the affirmative response from my wife when I asked, “What do you think? Should we give it a shot?” Obviously, we had no preconceptions. I’ve since become a big fan. This is just a short post about something I picked up on after the first season.

It’s pretty clear Ricky Gervais wants you to walk away from the show having learned something: Be kind. You don’t have to be enlightened, intelligent, or make a lot of money. Just be kind. Don’t be a self-absorbed prick. Put others before yourself, and be kind. It’s the most effective way to change the world around you for the better. But I think some of the take-aways might be more subtle. Maybe one of them is based on a metaphor: shoes?

In episode 2, Vicky is sentenced to complete her community service at Broad Hill for stealing shoes. In episode 6, Deon, young like Vicky, is also sentenced to Broad Hill for the same reason. And then in episode 7, when Lizzie dies, we learn from her husband that they met in a shoe store. He bought 3 pair of shoes, 3 days in a row, just to visit her at work. That was the start of their journey. Perhaps shoes represent the journey of life. The whole show is a reflection of life by highlighting the end. You can’t skip ahead - steal part of it - that’s not permitted. Rather, invest, make an effort and be kind. It’s not about the end, it’s about the journey.

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Don Smith

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